Come to Us For the Premier Exotic Scuba Experience in Tioman.

Fdiver will provide your exotic scuba experience in Tioman so you can really experience the natural resources of the beautiful island. Do you want to experience nature like never before in the middle of a nature reserve where things are left to themselves to thrive in their own stunning way?


You will receive an authentic exotic scuba experience when you book your lessons and excursion with our company. The Tioman Island is surrounded by protected waters and corals to explore as well as ship-wrecks and a ton of sea life that lives there full time and passes through at their own whim. The island itself is a reserve with monkeys, rain-forests, butterflies, lizards, and even a sea turtle reserve and scientific observatory to protect and study the sea turtle population in the area. Come see the South China Sea in a whole new light, book your exotic scuba experience today.

Discover Scuba Diving in Tioman.

Do you think you've seen it all? Have you traveled from one location to another? Maybe it is time for you to discover scuba diving in Tioman.


We offer day excursions, nighttime scuba adventures, full certification lessons and more for the perfect scuba diving vacation package for your whole crew. This island stands out in the area because of the abundance of wildlife in the rain forest and in the waters that surround it. Nature lovers from around the world come here to see the sights and immerse themselves in the raw beauty and variety of the whole area. Don't take the same tropical vacation over and over and call it an adventure, come to Tioman and see the sea from below, witness sea turtles hatching from a respectable distance, commune with nature in the rain-forests when the monkeys don't interrupt and enjoy the best our planet has to offer.

Our In House Diving Course Director is PADI Certified.

PADI stands for Professional Association of Diving Instructors and it is an association that ensures that diving instruction is done in a uniform way to keep divers safe and informed about all they need to know. Certification from a PADI instructor means that you can feel confident to be safe even in a situation under the water where things go awry. Safety first and a uniform curriculum. When you chose a dive school ask about PADI and don't attend if their certification is not affiliated.


Our in house diving course director is PADI certified and makes sure that each and every lesson and protocol is in line with PADI standards. According to those standards, your lessons will begin with being shown in person how to use scuba equipment, then when you do try to use it yourself you will be in a controlled water environment, then after you pass written exams, and controlled practice runs we will guide you in open water. These protocols mean you will be both safe and confident in the water. Call us with any questions today.