You Can Find Quality Training at an Expert Diving Academy Tioman.

If you are planning to visit our countryside and are not sure what to do, we offer an Expert Diving Academy Tioman. You will find no better scuba training, anywhere on the globe. And you will get to get your certification in the stunning clear waters off of Tioman Island.


Whether you are in Malaysia for work, play, family visit, or any other reason why not fit in scuba training with the experts? Scuba lessons are a great way to build life skills you can use every-time you travel, distract you from job stress while in a new land, and a way to see a part of our earth that was previously unavailable to you unless you were staring at a TV screen. Come check out our classes and join the one that suits you best. We look forward to meeting you and showing you a whole new side of the earth.

Experienced Scuba Diving in Tioman Will Make You Rethink The World's Waters.

Even if you have experienced scuba diving in Tioman you will still see things in your diving excursions around the island that will make you gasp in shock and rethink the world around you. We have a large variety of wildlife and the colors, types, and genus may be some that you have never seen before or even knew exists.


Come with us to swim with the fishes, don't worry we do it every single day and would not trade our job for anything. There is nothing quite like seeing the ocean world beneath our boat, except maybe listening to the wonder in our guests' stories as they retell what they just experienced. Find out what all the hype is about, book your lessons and adventures today. We can take you down underneath the waves for day trips or moonlight adventures once you have your lessons.