Learn to Dive in Tioman With the Best Scuba Instructors Around.

Not all scuba lessons are created equally and you should make sure you are purchasing the best experience available. If you want to learn to dive in Tioman then you will discover the best at FDiver Diving Academy. Our instructors are PADI certified to train and their students in turn can earn PADI certification. We are a scuba host with heart who loves the planet, the experience of teaching new people the skill, and we love our job because we get to see the sea life each and every day in the most beautiful spot on the planet.


Call for your slot and learn to dive on your Tioman vacation this year. The experience will be unforgettable, and you will leave our island with skills you never had before. Being able to scuba dive will open up new vacation opportunities around the globe, you will discover a whole new culture of adventurers and a whole new world beneath the water line.

Beginner's Scuba Experience in Tioman.

Visit The Professional Scuba Diving Center in Tioman During Your Visit.

The calm waters around the islands in the South China Sea are an ideal place to have your beginner's scuba experience in Tioman. The only thing that stands between you and experiencing a whole new world are PADI lessons and the time to book your tour. Lucky for you we offer both.


The beginners experience will take into consideration your worries and allow you to get a feel for the new underwater environment in safe proven locations that will both stun you with beauty, and also keep you feeling in control and at ease until you are no longer a beginner. Our certified instructors follow PADI standards of safety for learning and diving so you can feel at ease during your lesson even if you have never been under the sea before. Call us if you have any questions or concerns and we will be happy to answer them and tell you about our current available tours.

Fdiver Diving Academy is the professional Scuba Diving Center in Tioman. If you are interested in going on a diving excursion, if you need beginner's lessons, to polish up on your skills, or if you just want to find out more about what is available call the Academy today and we will be happy to discuss our options at the moment.


Our in house course director is certified by PADI and holds the entire program to the highest of standards in educational value and safety, as well as ecological awareness during each trip and as a business over all. You can feel great about choosing us for your diving lessons or adventures in the area because we are the professionals with high regard to safety and ecologic responsibility. Our client's typically return as soon as they can after learning to dive with us for more adventures underneath the sea.