Malaysia Diving Adventures Await Starting in Lumpin Pajang.

If you have wanted to check a Malaysia Diving Adventure off of your to do list this year then come to Lumpin Pajang and take our ferry over to Tioman Island. Our diving instructor will teach you to dive in a four night three day adventure where all of your meals are included you will be provided a clean room with cool air and warm showers and we will guide you on your scuba trip until you feel like a professional.


Who knows the sea creature you will see as you go into their domain. Don't worry, we do everything possible to make sure you are safe as you see animals that are typically hidden from the human eye. Witness sharks, brightly colored fish, corals, sea sponges, sea turtles and so much more as you dive in our cool clean waters day after day.

Malaysia Scuba Lessons From Lumpin Pajang To Tioman Island is the Vacation Idea of a Lifetime.

If you are trying to plan the vacation of a lifetime for your family then plan a Malaysia Scuba adventure that starts in Lumpin Pajang and brings your group to the Tioman Island for a one of a kind retreat that includes meals, rooms, PADI lessons, and scuba excursions for four days.


You will get to explore a nature reserve (the whole island is a protected reserve) that has wild monkeys, rain forest biomes and stunning water views, you will be taken out on the waters surrounding the island to explore ship wrecks, corals, and more, and you and your family will never forget their Malaysian vacation to Lumpin Pajang and the surrounding island. Call us today to discuss your own family's needs, group size, and preferred travel dates. If you can get to Lumpin Pajang we will make sure your group has a scuba vacation they will treasure.