Are PADI Courses on Your 2019 Bucket List?

Have you always dreamed about learning to scuba dive but never knew where to start or if the idea of being a beginner in the practice makes you nervous let us ease your mind. PADI Courses are where most scuba divers get their start, and everyone has to start somewhere so don't hesitate. You will be welcome in the scuba community whether you've been at it for decades or just received your certification last month.


After your PADI Course you will understand the science behind scuba diving more fully, you will be able to understand the things you should do in an underwater emergency, how to work all the gear, and you will have extensive practice in a safe environment as you build skills and confidence. Whether you want to become a scuba diver in your free time on each and every vacation or if you just want to experience the ocean world beneath the waves just this once, we can provide the gear, experience, and lessons for you to achieve your goals.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Our PADI Open Water Course on Tioman Island.

If you have been considering taking the PADI Open Water Course near Lumpin Pajang Malaysia we have all the information you need to plan your vacation accordingly. Our course includes a lot so if you want to learn to dive in a tropical paradise, all you have to worry about is getting here.


Our Open Water Course includes a four day three night stay in an air-conditioned room with a hot shower (if you want it to yourself book at least 2 guests, otherwise you get to meet new people). It includes full meals and unlimited coffee, tea, and snacks during your 4 day stay. You will receive a PADI manual and certification, equipment usage, high-speed WIFI, and return ferry after your four day stay. When you return at the end of your immersive scuba experience in paradise you will have the skills you need to open water scuba dive on your own.

PADI Advance Open Water Course Near Lumpin Pajang Can Bring Your Scuba Skills to The Next Level.

Professional PADI Courses in Tioman.

Have you been considering improving, polishing up on, or expanding upon your current scuba certification? PADI Advance Open Water Course is is a four day, three night package designed for a minimum of two people who want to have the best in scuba training in one of the most visually stunning locations on the planet. The package includes lodging in a cool room with warm showers, full meals, unlimited tea, coffee, and snacks, full use of equipment, PADI Manual and certification, and of course free return ferry back to the mainland upon completion.


During your stay you will enjoy the sights of Tioman Island with your friends by day under the ocean and each evening and night at the local establishments and in the nature of the tropical environment. What are you waiting for? Book your advanced courses today, and plan to learn scuba skills while experiencing paradise soon.

You could take scuba courses at your local hotel, miles from the ocean, and dream of the fish and wildlife you could be experiencing in the salt and sun. Or you could purchase your professional PADI courses in Tioman and learn a new skill while enjoying the tropical experience of your dreams. The choice seems clear as our blue waters.


Daily lessons will fill your brain with a new skill and nightly adventures will fill your soul with experience and new friends from the islands. Check out our selection of PADI courses and bring a friend to experience all this great blue green globe has to offer the people willing to step outside their comfort zone and explore. You will return home certified to scuba dive and you can use this to continue your adventures in all of the world's oceans. Let your Malaysian adventure start your life on a new chapter of exploration and learning.